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Welcome to the Backdrop and Flower Wall Jungle

Everyone should start one small business in their life. Sure, it teaches you a lot of skills - but more importantly it teaches you about yourself and what you you should do for your second small business. Which is how I ended up with here, with an affordable flower wall rental company. Crafting was one of the few things that brought me piece during the pandemic, and when I was burnt out from the things I did not enjoy during my first “try” and entrepreneurship. After one too many youtube videos, I created an almost 5sq ft. flower wall that hung as an art piece on my apartment wall.

On a whim and a podcast, I put an ad on Facebook marketplace and got my first booking. That encouraged me to add a few more feet to the wall and build a stand. It also showed me what a need their was for affordable backdrops and flower wall in the Baltimore area.

This endeavor combines my love of crafting and ingenuity, but gives me way more flexibility than my last small business. If you are in the Maryland or Delaware area, check out our backdrop and balloon services for your next event.

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