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Flower Wall Facelift

Our signature and most popular flower wall backdrop recently underwent some much needed upgrades and renovations. Considering the backdrop that started it all was built on a whim after too many YouTube videos and not intended for rental - there were some places for improvement in the look, general wear and tear and just ease of loading and unloading. So what’s new?

  • Its bigger. The flower wall backdrop is now 8ft x 8ft adding about 15sq feet of size.

  • It’s better. Now that I know I have enough bookings to make it worth the investment I purchased higher quality support boards & flowers.

  • It’s fuller. Between using higher quality flowers and a pool noodles to add depth - another YouTube trick - the wall really pops.

  • It’s semi customizable. The pool noodles makes it easier to swap out flowers if anyone is looking for a specific pop of color.

It took close to 40 hours to rebuild and nearly 4,000 flowers. But the initial reviews are positive and I look forward to sharing it with everyone.

If you are in the market for an affordable backdrop or flower wall rental (or looking for a custom flower wall or greenery backdrop) in the Baltimore region, Maryland, or the Delaware and Maryland beaches this summer - the calendar is already filling up - so don’t miss out!

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