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Never doubt the power of a great photo

The Backdrop and Flower Wall Company was built during quarantine, from a love of crafting, and a few too many youtube videos, and the help of a podcast on side hustles. There was not a market for affordable, unique backdrop rentals, or custom flowers walls for birthdays, weddings, parties, baby showers or any photo opportunity. After a few bookings, inventory grew to add a greenery faux boxwood hedge backdrop rental. The flower wall family has continued to grow from expanding inventory to offering our backdrop rental and custom install services across Maryland and the Delaware beach communities.

I hope everyone gets the opportunity to feel like a celebrity without the price tag.

About our Founder & Creator, Jacqueline

Jacqueline would tell you that she is crafty, but not artistic - and those are two very different things. While she may no longer have finger prints from many hours of using the glue gun, her favorite part is designing custom backdrops, flower walls and creating unique photo opportunities.

This is Jacqueline’s second small business - her first was in her own words “a learning experience to prepare her for her second business.” This one giant training exercise known as entrepreneurship gave her the knowledge and capital to embark on this next venture. She has a background in hospitality, travel, marketing, and product management. You can find all her studio and inventory piled high within her apartment and in the background of all her zoom calls.

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